Dear Mom …

| Thursday again |
My dear mother, Eleanor.
Today was our first trip with her to an independent living center. It has been almost a year since we lost our father. These decisions are so difficult. She really doesn’t want to and says she is just not ready to leave yet. I spend Thursday night and Saturday night with her as I have since dad passed. My brothers and sister take the other nights. It does become overwhelming. And I know in my heart of hearts, it would be so much better for her. But I do understand. It is truly heartbreaking.
Baby steps.
Lots of praying.
design by Stacy Nash
I spend a lot of time stitching while at moms. She quietly watches and will ask several times, did you get it finished yet? {she does have early dementia}
Each day will come and pass, don’t waste time.
Live it Well.

Ā Ā be kind,


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