Wednesday, February 11, 2021

Good morning friends and followers,
I have been keeping quite busy around here this week. We have a spare bedroom that also serves as my workspace, I have been rearranging things to better accomodate my flow of work. It doesn’t take much space, the supplies though are aplenty, but I am doing a much better job of not binge buying like I have in the past. At one time I had so much fabric that I would have never used it all. I sold some on Ebay and donated some, now I will keep my processes much simpler. Small items, easily hand stitched and completed in a relatively small need for space. An added benefit, as I get older, I am making it much harder to forget where I put something.
This is my view this morning as I type this post at my laptop.
I believe that if you surround yourself with the things you not only love, but also make you smile, make you feel at home, your life will be so much richer, even in these difficult times we are living in.

These are few items I still have to list in the shop, and my newest punch needle project that I drew up and punched yesterday evening. I created this design on my Office programs.

Please feel free to print this design and punch it yourself. I would ask you kindly to give me credit for the design.

May your blessings be many on this day!!


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